Saltwater pool maintenance

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With the summer months in mind, I have just had installed an in-ground saltwater swimming pool. After installation, the pool looks fantastic. It’s sparkling and inviting, and the family can’t wait to jump in and enjoy.

Saltwater pool maintenance

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Saltwater in-ground pools are installed with a poolside skimmer box, accompanying suction pump and filter, automatic chlorinator and sand filter.

To ensure the pool is always kept sparkling clean and free of leaves, small sticks and other debris, we lashed out and purchased the best robotic pool cleaner on the market.

All we needed to do now is sit back or should I say, jump in and enjoy our new pool and let the high-tech equipment we have purchased look after it for us!

Not quite! There are few things you need to be aware of to ensure the pool is well maintained, continues to look sparkling clean and remains healthy to use.

How to keep your pool looking clean

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Health and cleanliness are two crucial factors in owning and using a home pool. But relying on the pools filtration and filtering systems alone is not enough.

To ensure the water in the pool is always clean and safe for you and your family, here are some tips and regular safety practices.

Pool Water Levels

During the hot summer months, water evaporation causes the pool water level to drop more than at any other time of the year.

Therefore, daily checking of the pool’s water level is an important maintenance routine.

Low pool water levels can affect the performance of the pool’s vacuum suction, filtering and chlorination systems and can significantly increase operating noise levels. Besides, the constant loud sucking, squeaking sounds can drive the neighbors crazy.

After heavy rain, the pool water level will rise.

Usually, this not a major problem as all inground pools should have an overflow hole on one side of the pool wall.

This hole is designed to drain water off (when it reaches this level) and away from the pool.

However, sometimes when there’s torrential rain, the overflow hole may not be large enough, and the water level in the pool will rise to the very top and flow over.

This needs consideration when choosing the location of your new pool.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

All pools require regular cleaning to remove dirt, leaves and other debris that always seems to collect in the pool.

Factors that need to be considered when determining the method and pool cleaning equipment you may need to ensure your pool is kept clean and healthy are:

Here’s how researchers test for pee in swimming pools. Looking for an easy way to clean your pool? Check out or guide to choosing the best automatic pool cleaner here.

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    We have just started looking into installing a saltwater pool and aren’t interested in cleaning products and a robot. We are also looking for someone to install our pool

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