DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Product Name:DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner
Type:Robotic Pool Cleaner
Features:Bluetooth, highly efficient, 3-year warranty, dual motors, dual brush and dual filter

If you’re keen on the Dolphin suite of pool cleaners, one of the most effective robot pool cleaners is the Dolphin Oasis Z5i. Not only does this model some with a suite of features such as smart navigation, dual drive motors and dual filtration, but it’s also a pool cleaner for anyone who loves technology. Unfortunately, those characteristics come at a price, and this robotic pool cleaner will cost a pretty penny.

Dolphin Oasis Z5i Review

Features of the DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

1- Bluetooth connection

Using the Bluetooth connection, you can use your smartphone to control this pool vacuum remotely.

2- Highly efficient

The Oasis Z5i is a highly effective pool cleaner for ground pools. The cleaning capacity of the Z5i is excellent and this is a cleaning machine is far more robust than early model automatic cleaners.
It will scrub and vacuum the entire pool of leaves, algae, sand, and other debris. So, if you’re currently paying for an external pool company to clean your pool, this machine will save money in the long term.

3- Long Warranty

It has a three-year warranty, which you probably won’t need to use as it is well built and extremely reliable.

4- Dual drive motors

How does this work? Because it has dual drive motors, the robot can walk along the floor over obstacles and up walls along the waterline.

5- Dual brush system

It uses two brushes that scrape algae and other particles caught on the wall and floor to scrub the pool clean.

6- Dual filter system

The dual filters enable it to grab particles of various sizes that are coarse, fine and ultra-fine. Another benefit of the dual filters is it decreases the chance of clogging by separating coarse and fine debris. Another feature is its extra-large filter cartridge that efficiently retains debris for an entire cycle.

7- Easy to use and clean

Another nifty feature is it has a top-load cartridge, which makes it easy to remove and clean. There is no setup needed for the robot cleaner. The only thing you need to consider is somewhere near the pool; you need to set up the power station, plug it into a GFCI outlet and then place the robot in the water.

8- Cleans well

CleverCleanTM Technology is a scanning and mapping programme that helps the robot to determine the best e route around your pool.

It also makes sure that the robot crawls every inch of the pool. The Oasis Z5i moves on treads rather than wheels for enhanced navigation. On slippery surfaces, they give it more grip and are particularly helpful as it goes up the wall.


Suitable for: Large in-ground pools up to 50 ft
Weight: 24lbs
Cable: 60′ swivel cable
Caddy: No
Remote control: Bluetooth and app for smartphones
Cleaning cycle: 2.5hrs
Warranty: 3 years warranty

Pros and cons of Dolphin Oasis Z5i


  • Highly efficient
  • Dependable and long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth lets you monitor it from your phone
  • Great for large pools


  • The caddy does not contain
  • High upfront investment

Should I buy a DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you love the latest gadget and are keen on cleaning your pool with a click of a button from a remote location, this is the pool cleaning machine for you. It has all the bells and whistles and is a mean cleaning machine.

Not sure which one to choose? Read this post to find out the best cleaning machine for your pool.

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