How to vacuum a pool

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No matter what type of pool you have, whether it’s an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, you’ll need to do maintenance to keep it looking clean. The walls and floor are a magnet for dirt and algae, which can build up over time.

Your pool skimmer will remove debris floating in the water, and a good robotic pool cleaner will suck up the dirt that sinks to the bottom of the pool and clean off the algae on the walls.

Even if you have the best pool vacuum to do the hard work for you, there will be times when you might want to vacuum a stubborn area.

Here are some tips on how to vacuum your pool manually for those times when you need to do a spot clean.

How to vacuum your pool

Items you need To Vacuum A Pool

Pool vacuum hose

Most pool vacuum hoses have dimensions and fittings that can be used with most standard systems but make sure to choose a hose that is long enough for the size of your pool.


Pool vacuum head

Most pool vacuum heads are designed to snap tightly to the end of a standard pool-cleaning pole. Choose a pool vacuum head to suit your pool’s surface, especially if you have a vinyl pool.


Telescoping pole

A telescoping pole is a useful tool that can also connect to a pool skimmer or pool net. Most pool owners might already own one. If you’re after a new one, check that it is long enough to reach the deepest part of your pool.


Skim vac

A skim vac sits over your skimmer basket and is helpful because using a skim vac means you won’t need to turn the pool pump off and back on again.

Pole brushes

Setting up the system

  1. Clip the vacuum head to the telescopic pole and the hose to the vacuum head, making sure it snaps on securely. To prime your system, place the end of the hose against one of the jets on the wall of the pool. This pushes the air out of the hose. When you see air bubbles floating up from the vacuum head, it means air is flowing through the hose.
  2. Connecting the vacuum to the pump.
  3. Attach the other end of the pool vacuum hose to the skim vac, which is powered by the pool pump. But before connecting the open end of the hose to the inlet, remove the strainer basket. Then plug your open vacuum hose to the suction port at the bottom of the skimmer.

Vacuuming your pool

Start cleaning at the shallow end of the pool, moving the vacuum head along the pool’s surface with the pole. Make sure to set the filter nozzle to ‘intake’ mode and you’ll see the debris being sucked up. Tips on how to use your pool vacuum for the best result:

Use long, smooth strokes and make sure to cover the pool’s area thoroughly.
Be gentle to avoid stirring up dirt that could cloud the water.
Avoid large leaves until the end to prevent clogging your system, and you might want to use a net for these.

When you’re finished, dismantle the hose and vacuum head from the wand and connect the scrub brush to the pole to scrub the sides.

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