Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Product Name:Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
Type:Above Ground Pool Vacuum
Features:Requires filter pump with a flow rate between 1600 - 3500gph, attaches to inlet connector
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Owning an above ground pool doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in a good automatic cleaner. Actually,  cleaning an above ground swimming pool by hand is not much fun at all. Fortunately, there are some good models to choose from to keep your pool looking sparkling. One such machine is the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

This above-ground vacuum is cost-effective and easy to use. It operates by connecting to the pool filtration system and needs a filter pump that has a flow rate of 1600 to 3500gph. So, make sure you have the right pump and the Intex will do a fine job.

The cleaner is easy to install, as it attaches to the inlet connector in the pool and does a reasonable job of vacuuming the pool’s floor.

Just imagine not having to brush the pool or scoop up leaves from the pool’s floor. This sturdy machine will take care of the cleaning of your pool at a very reasonable price.

Features of the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

1- Hose fitting

The cleaner is specially designed to clean above ground swimming pools that have  1-1/2” hose fittings. This pool cleaner is a small yet powerful package.

2- Power

This is an auto pool cleaner that operates on water flow, so it’s not electrical and the wheels aren’t powered. The design means it’s gentle on the lining of the pool and there’s little chance of the wheels doing damage to the pool liner.

The vacuum cleaner and hoses are well made, although, the supplied hose is very long, causing the unit to occasionally lift out of the water.

Should I buy an Intex Auto Pool Cleaner?

If you have an above ground pool, this is a well-priced product that does the job reliably. It’s a popular choice and owning this cleaner will allow you more time to enjoy your pool.

See our comparison tables of the different kinds of pool cleaning systems and here’s some handy information on how to put in an above ground pool.

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