Polaris VacSweep 65 Review

Product Name:Polaris Vac Sweep 65
Type:Above Ground Pool Cleaner
Features:sleek design, filtration
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Polaris Sweep 65 is among the robust and most handy pool cleaner out there. Polaris is famous for their quality pool cleaning products they don’t disappointed with the Vac Sweep 65. This pool vacuum was developed to vacuum above ground pools. It works on all types of above ground pools, including flat bottom pools as well.

The Polaris Vac Sweep 65 is a robust and trusty above-ground pool vacuum that holds its own against other well-known models including the Baracuda Ranger or even the Aquabug but most people who use the Polaris Vac Sweep 65will tell you that this is pretty special.

Firstly, it’s the only above ground pool vacuum cleaner which takes advantage of a Jet Sweep technologies that uses moving water to loosen debris from hard-to-reach places.

The most important part of the style of filter bag used is that it removes the large debris and prevents it from reaching your pump basket or filter, thus ensuring your filtration system may have a long life.

This above ground pool vacuum cleaner is powered by the pressure of water to clean your pool.

The design of the system leaves both even the skimmer and even the filter-free to eliminate contaminants while the vacuum cleaner is hard at work cleaning the sides and bottom of your pool.

Pros of the Polaris Vac Sweep 65

-It cleans not only the bottom of the pool but the sides as well.
-With its sleek design, this is definitely among the best looking over ground pool vacuums.
-Its distinctive filter bag removes debris before they reach the pump or filter, thus prolonging the life of your filtration system.

Cons of the Polaris Vac Sweep 65

The only con is the vacuum might occasionally get itself tangled in its hose. This is rare, however, it ever does happen, it may easily be untangled.

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