Hayward Variable Speed Pool Pump Review

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The new Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump is the most energy efficient speed pump in the industry at present given that it comes with a fan-cooled TEFC fully enclosed permanent magnet and super efficient motor. This Hayward variable speed pool pump has been proved by studies that pool owners will be able to save as much as 90% on energy expenses as compared to the ordinary single-speed pumps thanks to this wonderful product from EcoStar.

This astounding Hayward variable speed pool pump has the ability to match pump flow to the requirements of any pool, as opposed to running all the time at full power.

A revolutionary Safety Vacuum Release System SVRS is featured by this product that aids in preventing suction entrapment without the need for any additional plumbing, devices, or even wiring.

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Key Features of the Hayward Pool Pump (SP3400VSP)


This Hayward variable speed pool pump is considered to be among the most energy-efficient pumps at present which can operate at virtually any speed. Besides this, it does not emit much noise unlike most of the other similar products on the market

Compliant with the industry regulations

The product is compliant with the regulations of the industry and is likewise Energy Star accredited which includes APSP 15 as well as Title 20. The Hayward variable speed pool pump is appropriate for local utility rebates.

In-built digital control interface

It is not difficult to operate the digital control interface of the pump and it is easily accessible even in tight areas. You can rotate the controller in as many as four different directions and it can also be wall-mounted. The device offers onboard diagnostics as well as automated protection against extreme temperatures, priming failures, plus voltage fluctuations.

100% safe

This EcoStar SVRS version comes with an integrated SVRS (Safety Vacuum Release System) which aids in preventing suction entrapment without any extra device. All pertinent ASME/ANSI standards as required by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act is satisfied by EcoStar, along with an identical state as well as local specifications

Compatible with different types of equipment

This product from EcoStar includes a self-contained and fully programmable 24-hr time clock, along with as many as 8 custom speeds plus timer functions that enable it to take care of flow all through the day. You can also control the pump by an industry-recognized control system like ProLogic, OnCommand, Omnilogic, and E-Command 4. 

Helps to create a tidier pool

While functioning at a reduced speed, this product from Ecostar has the ability to move spa and pool water more effectively through the filter, thus helping to get rid of more particles and forming tidier water. There is a no-rib basket design for providing additional convenience which guarantees easy removal of the debris. In this way, this innovative Hayward variable speed pool pump will keep your pool clean and is easy to manage. 

Astounding reliability

Amazing reliability and efficiency are offered by the TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor and permanent magnet motor.  The touchpad control that can be programmed fully can be rotated in as many as 4 different positions or one can also mount it to the wall for better access.

Can be installed in any application

It is feasible to install the Hayward variable speed pool pump in virtually any application: with Hayward automation (which includes OmniLogic), in the stand-alone mode, or with any competitive control system (by means of relay control).



Should I buy the Hayward variable speed pool pump? 

The Hayward SP3400VSP pump is extremely simple to use and also helps a lot to save the power bills. The product likewise helps to make your pool clean given that it works in combination with an innovative Hayward DE filter. On top of this, the pump hardly produces any noise while functioning.

The cutting-edge no-rib and extra-basket design help in the removal of debris and leaf very easily without wasting much time at all. You won’t get all these features in a single pool pump that comes at this price and this helps to make the Hayward variable speed pool pump stay ahead of the competition.

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