Harris Pool Pump (115/230V) H1572748 ProForce 1.5 HP Inground

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This Harris pool pump is the ultimate solution if you need a strong and effective pool pump. Here we have Harris H1572748 ProForce 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump 115/230V equipped with 2-inch union connections that have a very powerful potential for suction and discharge.

The unit is made to last for a long time since the overall construction is made of thermoplastic body. At the same time, the reinforcing elements were used to provide more thickness and endurance.

The Harris pool pump is a single speed pool pump. This review will help you choose the best variable speed pool pump.

Harris Pool Pump Key Features

Effective Circulation

An outstanding performance of this Harris pool pump is possible due to advanced engineering that is strong enough to withstand all conditions.

No matter if you use the pump for smaller or larger pools, the pump will obtain the ultimate water circulation.

Getting more movement inside the pump is a major precondition to have enough water in a pool. The pump provides good water movement in all kinds of pools.

Approved standards

With this Harris pool pump, all the quality standards are met.

Here we have SCA and ETL requirements that are based on international standards.

The pump is made to meet the criteria of similar products on the market. There are even advanced features that add more functionality to the product.

This pump is one of the best pool pumps on the market when it comes to effectiveness and quality.

Pros of the Harris Pool Pump

• Thermoplastic body of the pump ensures complete durability
• Advanced engineering is made to provide minimal noise
• The filter basket is easy to clean and maintain
• 2-inch connections for quality suction
• Heavy-duty construction elements used

Cons of the Harris Pool Pump

• Not suitable for storable pools
• The lid seal should be constructed better to prevent leakage

Who Is This Product for?

This Harris pool pump is a good choice for pool owners who want a reliable and strong pump. The pump is strong enough to provide adequate circulation of water. In the case when you need strong filtration, the filters integrated into the pump are designed to separate the sand and impurities.

If you are an owner of a larger pool, this pump will be an adequate solution. Users who own 15,000-gallon pools find the pump completely functional. The motor features are providing good endurance and large suction power.

Some users with smaller pools find the pump a little bit noisy, but this is not a problem for users who already have experience with these kinds of pumps.

In most situations, pumps that are designed for larger pools can be noisy when installed in the space allocated to smaller pools. For this reason, it is important to check the size of your pool because the pump usually has to meet the needed requirements.

Should I buy a Harris pool pump?

Harris is one of the best manufacturers on the market among so many competitors. They all come with similar design and quality construction, but only Harris provides the construction patterns that cannot be seen in any other pump. That is why many pump owners say that Harris provides a great pool pump with good functionality and resistance.

When you are buying this Harris H1572748 ProForce 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump 115/230V, you should now that the manufacturer offers a warranty of 3 years.

The service of the pump is sometimes necessary and the Harris professionals offer full support in the process. Go for this pool pump if you want complete control over your facility. Each pool will be upgraded with this pump.

Users who already own this Harris pool pump claim the long durability and great functionality. You can be sure this pump will last for many seasons. Summers days and warm nights will be ideal to test this pump. You will see why so many people already use it and gladly recommend it as a quality product for a swimming pool.


  • steven johnson says:

    i have the 3 hp version and it failed dead in 50 days. NO TECH SUPPORT NO WARRANTY from these bozos. $550 bucks spent on garbage. you’re crazy if you buy one of these.

  • jack says:

    i need a union for water connector 3 and a quarter nut

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